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Hidden Deck Fasteners

Ipe ClipThe Ipe Clip ® Company has created state-of-the-art Hidden Deck Fasteners that are up to three times stronger than other deck fasteners. Why did we decide to step out on a limb to create our own brand of deck fasteners?

The answer is simple. We took a look at the marketplace and saw that there was great need for hidden deck fasteners that:

  • Are simple to use and install
  • Come in varieties that are made specifically for different types of decking
  • Are available in different colors
  • Are built to last in extreme weather conditions
  • Will keep any deck looking just as good years from now as it did when it was first installed

Our deck fasteners are available in a variety of colors to match the natural or weathered appearance of your hardwood or composite deck. Make sure your new deck is safe, long lasting and looks its best with IPE CLIP® hidden deck fasteners.

At the Ipe Clip® Company, we live by our slogan…

Do It Once, Do It Right, Do It Out of Sight!™

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