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Oil-Based Wood Finish For Your Deck

You’ve just completed construction on your beautiful outdoor hardwood deck and you know that without proper sealing, your deck can be quickly destroyed by traffic and harsh weather. A high quality sealer is an absolute must. A quality product will last longer, therefore prolonging the life of your deck. It’s important to consider the long-term benefits as well as the cost when making your decision. We feel that Ipe Oil™ is the best product on the market in both quality and cost. See below for the advantages of Ipe Oil™.

•    Penetrates the densest of deck boards such as Ipe much better than a water-based seal.
•    Less skill is required to apply an oil-based sealer because no drips or lap marks will show.
•    Since Ipe Oil™ actually penetrates the wood, there are no traffic marks and the finish will wear gradually by erosion. This will allow for an easy refinish without having to strip the deck boards first.
•    Contrary to popular belief, oil-based sealers can provide a resistance to mildew. With more decks than ever being constructed from Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, and other exotic hardwoods; these exotic hardwoods are naturally oily and adding an oil-based sealer actually enhances the deck board. Even if applied to domestic hardwood, most oil-based sealers now have ingredients added to them to deter the growth of mildew and algae.

Always look for a sealer that states the following three things:
1.    repels water
2.    preserves wood
3.    screens out UV rays

Some finishes only claim to repel water. Don’t be duped and settle for less. Your deck deserves the very best, and that best is Ipe Oil™!

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