Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners

Invisible Fastening Systems For Exotic Hardwood Decking

Ipe Clip® Extreme™ series hidden deck fasteners

The IPE CLIP® Fastener Company, LLC creates Deck Fasteners that are up to 3x stronger than other deck fastening systems. Our unique and patented deck fastener design offers fast and easy installation, while givin both do-it-yourselfers and expert deck builder a professionally finished look.

available in 3 color choices

Shadowline Black, Hardwood Brown, & Composite Grey

Air-Dried & Composites

Constructed from durable polyethylene with a rigid black oxide stainless steel insert.

Air-Dried, Kiln-Dried, & Composites

Constructed from resistant polypropylene with a rigid black oxide stainless steel insert.

Kiln-Dried & Composites

Hollow shock absorbant leg made of polypropylene with stainless steel black oxide insert.

Economical Alternative

Unique and highly tolerant design constructed from polyethylene and reinforced fiberglass.

Extreme Advantages

Ipe Clip® hidden deck fasteners are the only fastener on the market that offer Fastening Perfection™. Fastening Perfection™ with our Extreme™ line of hidden deck fasteners provides these advantages:

  • Safer blemish free deck surface!
  • Increased structural integrity
  • Maximum holding power
  • Enhanced natural beauty
  • Eliminates dangerous nail or screw pops
  • Unparalleled holding strength
  • Easy installation, even on 3/4” & thicker decking
  • Excellent performance in any climate
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • No expensive or extra tools required
  • No unsightly screw holes or stain marks
  • Automatic gap spacing
  • Choose 3 colors that blend into your choice of wood, PVC, or composite decking material
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Deck Installation Help:

Ipe Clip® hidden deck fasteners give any deck a flawless surface. Make your entire deck installation flawless by utilizing all of our online resources and tools. We have everything from our Quick & Easy Installation Instructions to our convient Deck Fastener Calculator available to you in our Deck Installation Help section.

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Hidden Deck Fasteners & Accessories Manufactured by DeckWise®

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Not all decking products are created equally. If you are a deck builder by trade, or a DIY homeowner, discover what sets DeckWise® deck building products & accessories apart from the others. Visit us at DeckWise.com and discover the wise choice!

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Screws, Bits & Plugs

Master Plug kit

We offer a large array of deck building screws, hardwood plugs, board gap spacers, driver tips & more!

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Deck Oil & Sealers

Ipe Oil™ hardwood deck finish

Protect your exotic hardwoods. Discover the difference our hardwood finish and end grain sealer really make.

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Deck Tool

Hardwood Wrench™ tool

Our Hardwood Wrench™ effortlessly straightens and secures hardwood deck boards while installing fasteners.

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Deck Tile Systems

Deck Tile systems

Check out our selection of premium Hardwood Deck Tiles and connector system. Available in mulitple sizes.

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