DeckWise® Drill & Drive™ Tool

3-in-1 decking tool

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Included in Each Kit:

  1. Quick Change Locking Collar
  2. 1/8" high speed drill bit & 3/8" Countersink Tool w/ T15 Star Drive Tip
  3. 1/8" drill bit & 3/8" countersink
  4. 1/8" drill bit & 3/8" countersink
  5. 1/8" drill bit & 3/8" countersink
  6. On-Board Hex Key
  7. T15 Star Drive Tip
  8. T15 Star Drive Tip
  9. T15 Star Drive Tip
  10. T15 Star Drive Tip
Drill & Drive™ 3-in-1 toolkit

Do the smart thing. Build a smart deck with DeckWise®

The Drill & Drive™ is a 3-in-1 tool you can use to pre-drill, countersink, then flip the insert and drive screws into decking. The ease of use makes pre-drilling hardwoods and installing deck screws 3 times faster than standard drilling & driving.

Using Drill & Drive™ - Step 1 - Drill


Using Drill & Drive™ - Step 2 - Flip


Using Drill & Drive™ - Step 3 - Drive


Contact your local dealer, or call us direct today to get build a smart deck with these professional grade colored stainless decking screws.

The Perfect Solution

Deck builders, once you start using the Drill & Drive™ toolkit, you'll quickly realize how much faster and more productive every single deck install will be in the future. For homeowners, the Drill & Drive™ system can be used for more than deck building. It's utility makes it the perfect solution for home touch-up, or home renovation project

Drill & Drive™ Case
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