Ipe Clip® Standard Hidden Deck Fasteners

Hardwood Deck Hidden Fastening System

Heavy Duty Fiberglass Reinforced For Air Dried Decking

Ipe Clip® Standard Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • The Ipe Clip® Standard is constructed from a fiberglass-reinforced material that is up to three times the strength of other fasteners.
  • The Ipe Clip® works great with decking grooved with a biscuit jointer since it’s size allows for plenty of tolerance within the cut.
  • Available in brown, black and grey to match any of your decking needs.
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Economical solution ideal for Air-Dried Hardwoods, Composite Decking, & PVC Decking

The Ipe Clip® Standard Hidden Deck Fastener System features a Quick & Easy installation process because all the work is done from the top-side of the deck so there is no need to stand on your head during the installation of the deck. The installation process is made even more simple because Ipe Clip® Standard Hidden Deck Fasteners automatically set a 3/32" [2,38mm] gap spacing between the installed deck boards. No gap space measuring is needed when you choose Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fastening systems.

Do It Once, Do It Right, Do It Out Of Sight!™

The reason Ipe Clip® Standard Hidden Deck Fasteners set a smaller gap between deck boards than Ipe Clip® ExtremeKD® Hidden Deck Fasteners is because different decking materials require different gap spacing. For example air dried decking material will tend to contract on its width more than kiln dried material so a smaller gap space between boards is required. Ipe Clip® Standard Hidden Deck Fasteners are installed with one side of the decking board free to contract and expand on its width as needed.

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EXTREME® Ipe Clip® Series:

EXTREME® Ipe Clip® Series - U.S. Patent Numbers 8,464,488 and 8,806,829. Original, “round”, STANDARD Ipe Clip® - U.S. Patent No. D470,039. EXTREMEKD® and EXTREME4® Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 7,874,113 and 8,161,702 Patent.

Economical Alternative

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Fiberglass reinforced polyethylene for a stronger, all-plastic fastener

Ipe Clip® Standard Fastener Features

Ipe Clip® Standard features diagram
Gap Spacing: 3/32" [2,38 mm]
Leg Height: .242" [6,14 mm]

Exotic hardwood deck built with Ipe Clip® edge mount fasteners

Standard Deck Fasteners

  1. High Strength Fastener
  2. Screws Driven at a 45° Angle
  3. Gap Spacing
  4. Symmetrical Profile Groove
Ipe Clip® Standard install overview diagram

Ipe Clip® Standard Advantages

Ipe Clip® Standard gap spacing

Strength: Ipe Clip® fasteners are manufactured from a UV Resistant High Strength material, giving Ipe Clip® fasteners up to three times the strength of other fastening methods. By using our high strength material, Ipe Clip® fasteners have increased holding power, and help prevent screw heads from being overdriven, as can be a problem with other lesser quality fasteners.

Shape: Due to its size and shape, Ipe Clip® fasteners speed installation and eases installation problems associated with other hidden fastener methods. The smaller shape allows for approx. 1” of tolerance in the positioning of the slots cut by a biscuit jointer. Other hidden fastener methods do not allow for any tolerance in the cutting of the biscuit slots, which complicates and slows installation.

Economical: Unlike our Extreme® line of fasteners, our Standard fastener does not include a stainless steel insert. Manufactured using fiberglass reinforced polyethylene, our standard fasteners are high strength and highly affordable!

Legs: The Ipe Clip® has a thin leg which helps maintain a perfect gap spacing when materials are expanding and contracting due to varying climate conditions.

Leg height = .242" [6,14 mm]

Complete Kit Options

Ipe Clip® complete kits are available in 100 & 175 count boxes, as well as our Contractor Buckets

Complete Kit


  • (175) Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • (190) Stainless Steel T15 - Star Drive Screws
  • (12) 3/8" [9.5mm] Tapered Ipe plugs
  • (1) 1/8" [3,2mm] High Speed Drill Bit
  • (1) Screw Gun Driver Bit
  • (1) Instruction Sheet

100 Count Kit


  • (100) Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • (10) Stainless Steel T15 - Star Drive Screws
  • (1) Instruction Sheet

5 Gal. Contractor Bucket


  • (1050) Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • (1130) Stainless Steel T15 - Star Drive Screws
  • (5) 1/8" [3,2mm] High Speed Drill Bit
  • (5) Screw Gun Driver Bit
  • (1) Instruction Sheet

2 Gal. Contractor Bucket


  • (525) Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • (565) Stainless Steel T15 - Star Drive Screws
  • (5) 1/8" [3,2mm] High Speed Drill Bit
  • (3) Screw Gun Driver Bit
  • (1) Instruction Sheet

Ipe Clip® Standard
Stainless steel screws
Stainless Steel Screws
T15 star drive screw gun tip
T15 Star Drive Tip
High speed drill bit
1/8" Drill Bit
3/8 in Hardwood Plugs
3/8" Ipe Plugs

Ipe Clip® Standard Product Specs

Ipe Clip® Standard dimensions diagram
Clip Construction
Material Stainless Steel Insert Available Colors
Ipe Clip® Standard hidden edge mount fasteners
Decking Compatibility
Air Dried Kiln Dried PVC/Composite

Resources for Architects & Builders

CSI Divisions & Specs

Enables Contraction on the Width of Air-Dried Decking

The method of 45 degree screws hold the decking tight to the joist, while allowing one side of the deck board to remain free to contract.

Ipe Clip® Standard contraction diagram

Enables Expansion/Contraction Along the Length of Composite/PVC Decking

Running screws straight down with composite/PVC decking allows these materials to naturally move on their length.

Ipe Clip® Standard composite diagram
Ipe Clip® Standard composite movement diagram

Ipe Clip® Standard Install Specs

Ipe Clip® Standard install specifications diagram
Board Dimensions
Board Thickness Board Width
A* = Your Measurement B** = Your Measurement
Groove Dimensions
Thickness of Cut Cutting Height Cutting Depth
C = 5/32"(4mm) D*** = (A-5/32")/2 E = 1/2"(13mm)
Board Spacing
During Installation
F**** = 3/32" (2,38mm)

If using 1-1/2" or thicker material, you may need to upgrade to a longer screw option than what is typically packaged with the fastening kit.

** For decking 8" or wider, the (A) dimension should be at least 1-1/2". Using a wide plank such as this for surface decking will most likely cause cupping issues regardless of how the material is fastened if thicker material is not used.

*** This formula will create a symmetrical profile that allows you to flip and/or rotate the decking to be able to put the best side up.

**** Fastener automatically achieves correct gap spacing when boards are pushed tight during installation.