Hidden Deck Fasteners FAQ

Ipe Clip® Frequently Asked Installation Questions

Yes, Ipe Clip® fastener systems can be used on many quality decking materials such as composites, ironwood, teak, cedar, redwood, cumaru, tigerwood and massaranduba. Low quality materials that have high expansion/contraction rates such as pressure treated pine should be avoided.

Slots are cut using a standard biscuit jointer or a router with a slot cutting bit. Note that some decking suppliers offer deck boards with pre-cut grooves along both edges to receive edge mount fasteners.

Yes, the Hardwood Wrench™ rests on the deck joist and pushes the deck boards tightly together. It is like an extra set of hands, a great help for jobs with just one installer for handling warped deck boards. The Hardwood Wrench™ is manufactured by The Ipe Clip® Fastener Company in Bradenton Florida and is available from any of our local distributors.

When using air dried decking the Ipe Clip® Extreme®, they automatically set the gap spacing at the proper 3/32” gap between deck boards to allow for contraction and water drainage. When using kiln dried decking or composites, the Ipe Clip® ExtremeKD® spaces the decking boards at 1/4” and the Extreme4 sets spacing at 5/32”.

Yes, because Ipe Clip® fasteners are up to 3 times stronger than other edge fasteners they can be used on 3/4” or 5/4 decking. We also manufacture the Ipe Clip® Extreme® with stainless steel reinforcement for added hold-down strength.

Yes, each Ipe Clip® fastener system kit (COMPLETE SYSTEMS ONLY) contains high quality stainless steel T15 Star Drive screws (black painted heads), Ipe wood hole plugs, a T15 drive screwgun tip plus a high speed steel drill bit.

Yes, the smaller size and shape of the Ipe Clip® fasteners allow for approximately 1” of tolerance side to side in positioning the slot above the joist. Other edge fastening methods do not allow for any tolerance in the positioning, which can slow and complicate installation.

Because Ipe Clip® fasteners are manufactured from high quality materials they are extremely resistant to screws being overdriven. The stainless steel insert prevents over-driving and the screw is left slightly counter sunk for maximum holding power.

Yes, because Ipe Clip® fasteners do not allow screws to be overdriven, it can be removed to replace a deck board. Contact us for specific instructions.

Yes, all Ipe Clip® fasteners are 100% UV resistant due to the plastic molding material we use.

Yes, Ipe Clip® fastener systems are suitable for use in all climates from severe cold to extreme heat.

Many decking materials react with non-stainless fasteners provided with lesser quality systems. Ipe Clip® fastener systems come complete with high quality stainless steel T15 Star Drive screws to resist staining of the deck surface.

No, all fastening is easily done from the top side of the deck, unlike some deck fastening systems that require the work to be done from the underside.

Yes, Ipe Clip® fastener systems are proudly manufactured in the United States just as all of our other deck building products are.