Hardwood Wrench™ Deck Board Bending Tool

Straighten Warped Deck Boards With 1,100 lbs. of Pressure

The Perfect Deck Tool from DeckWise®

Want to build decks that are both structurally sound and easy to install?

Using the right deck tool helps. Using the best decking tool in the market is even better.

When using the Hardwood Wrench™ you will impress your customers whenever you build a deck faster, while not compromising on structural integrity.

Hardwood Wrench™ board bending tool

how to use the hardwood wrench™

How-To use Hardwood Wrench™ - Step 1

Fit the Hardwood Wrench™ onto the deck joist.

How-To use Hardwood Wrench™ - Step 2

Simply rotate handle in order to straighten deck boards.

How-To use Hardwood Wrench™ - Step 3

Locking cam holds boards straight while installing fasteners.

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The Ulitmate Deck Board Straightener

Ipe Clip® made in USA logo With 80% more bending force than the next strongest deck tool, the Hardwood Wrench™ is constructed from hardwood and aircraft grade aluminum. This combination of materials allows deck builders and contractors to use this decking tool over and over again.

It can bend Ipe, Cumaru, and the densest of materials. Learn more about the Hardwood Wrench™ our innovative deck tool.

Patent Numbers: US 8,936,054; D623,913; EP 2,387,648; DE 202010001035.5; UK 2,469,964; AU 2010210940; CA 2,749,643. For more information visit www.deckwise.com/patents

Hardwood Wrench™ package