DeckWise® Deck Building Products & Accessories

Hardwood Deck Building Accessories & Tools

Deck screws, spacers, hardwood plugs, drill bits & tips

You can make building a deck easier. How? By using Deckwise® screws, drill bits/tips, and plugs that are designed to drive into dense materials. Using the right fastening material will also increase the overall structural integrity of your deck and prolong its life.

It all starts with the selection of 305 Grade Stainless Steel T10 - Star Drive screws. Builders and contractors know that they are the best screws for both hardwood and composite decking. These decking screws are preferred by professionals because of the Type 17 self-tapping point. This point makes driving into hardwoods like ipe, redwood, Cumaru, and oak smoother.

Save yourself time, headaches, and a bunch of money; buy deck screws from DeckWise®.


Stainless steel deck building screws

Check out our entire line of DeckWise® stainless steel screws. Available in mulitple varieties, sizes, & colors.

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Board gap spacer tools for even deck spacing

Achieve perfect board gap spacing with WiseGuides®. Extremely durable, versatile, and easy to use.

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Hardwood plugs for hiding face screws

DeckWise® Smooth & ribbed hardwood plugs. Available in mulitple specie & sizes to match popular exotic decking.

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Joist barrier flashing tape to prevent wood rot

JoistTape™ by DeckWise® is applied directly on top of joists and ledger boards to help prevent rot.

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ttap t15 star drive screw gun tip

DeckWise® offers an array of screw gun tips, ranging from a 4-sided R1 square driver to mulitple star drive tips.

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