305 Grade Stainless Steel Screws

Stainless Steel Deck Building Screws

Installing a deck with mediocre screws or nails does a disservice to the deck, and to your customers.

DeckWise® deck screws also makes for an easier install.

The advantages of using these high quality deck screws are:

  • Proven corrosion resistance
  • Type 17 self-tapping screw for smoother install
  • Standard 305 grade stainless steel (ultra premium higher grade screws are also available)
  • Tighter hold to the joist
  • Resists cam out & stripping
  • Choose T10 - Star Drive screws and build a stronger deck


Trim-Head screws - Shadowline Black
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Bugle-Head all-purpose screws - Stainless Steel
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Composite decking screws - Composite Grey
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Metal Joist

Metal Joist screws - Self-tapping & Xylan coated
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