Hardwood Plug Screw Hole Glue

Perfect For Securing Wood Plugs In Screw Holes

Deck builders use a wood glue when they want to secure wood plugs. What’s the glue for woods that they choose? The gold standard of wood glues, Gorilla Glue® is famous for having a strong grip that lasts.

Gorilla Glue® endures even the toughest condtions, whether it be extreme temperatures or excessivley wet climates, Gorilla Glue® is formulated to last!

Gorilla Glue Features:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Sandable, paintable & stainable
  • 4 oz. Container Available
  • 36 oz. Container Available
  Material Safety Data Sheet
Securing Hardwood Plug with Gorilla Glue® adhesive
Gorilla Glue® premium waterproof wood adhesive

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