#10 Bugle Head Decking Screws

Stainless Steel Painted Head All-Purpose Screws

DeckWise® #10 Bugle-Head Screws are a great all around fastener. These screws work well on all types of decking such as Ipe, Redwood, Cedar, preservative-treated (PT) softwoods, and even composite decking. These all-purpose deck screws are manufactured using 305 Grade stainless steel, which is highly suitable for nearly all decking applications. For ocean front and saltwater dock installations, this screw is also available in 316 Grade stainless steel to offer extreme corrosion resistance from harsh elements. Suitable for all types of decking, pre-drilling with these screws is only required when working with exotic hardwoods.

Our line of bugle-head screws are offered in 3 Signature Colormatch painted head options in order match popular types of decking material. Available colors include Hardwood Brown, Cedar, and Outdoor Grey. We also offer an unpainted stainless steel head for all around general purposes. Manufactured with T25 star drive heads, these coarse thread Type-17 auger point screws effortlessly penetrate deck boards and tightly secure them together. This #10 screw has a double countersink flat bugle head with 6 nibs that utilize a 6 lobe star drive in order to prevent cam-out and enhance torque, and also comes as chipboard thread screw with triple spline and partial thread (1 at thread beginning, 2 at end point).


  • Installation made easy - T25 Star Drive finish heads
  • 3 colors to match popular decking
  • Drive efficiently - Auger tips that penetrate the densest wood
Hardwood Brown Bugle-Head Screw installed on deck

Hardwood Brown

Bugle-Head Screw Hardwood Brown 2.5 in


Bugle-Head Screw Cedar 2.5 in

Outdoor Grey

Bugle-Head Screw Outdoor Grey 2.5 in

Stainless Steel

Bugle-Head Screw Stainless Steel 2.5 in

Available Quantities

DeckWise® Bugle-Head screws are available for private co-brand labeling programs for our dealers & distributors.

All of our #10 Bugle-Head deck screws are available in 305 Grade stainless steel, which is suitable for most decking applications. Coming soon in 2016, 316 Grade stainless steel for saltwater and other applications that need to withstand highly corrosive elements.

Bugle-Head Screw Containers
Quantity #10x212 #10x318”"
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All-Purpose Wood Screw

Featuring under head nibs, a special shank to endure climatic swelling and shrinkage, and quick start tip, our all-purpose screw is perfect for countersinking as well as driving into deck boards.

Developed for various wood applications and decks of all varieties including use with hardwoods, thermal PT wood, and even composites. Regardless of whether you're face screwing a deck board or taking care of a DIY job, we offer a high quality fastener for you. Utilize our 316 Grade version for a strong and reliable fastening solution in the harshest conditions where some extra corrosion protection is necessary.

  • Driver bit included
  • Coarse threads approx 2/3rds up screw shank
Bugle-Head Screw Stainless Steel 3.125 in