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Composite Painted Head
Decking Screws

5 Painted Head Options to Compliment Popular Composite Decking Colors

Built to the same high standards of DeckWise® products that you've come to trust, our 305 Grade Composite Deck Screws are a must have when it comes to installing composite decking. These #10 x 2½" screws feature a strong corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, T-20 star drive head, and a Sharp Type 17 auger point for fast and clean cutting installations. Available in the following painted head color options; Hardwood Brown, Rosy Brown, Cedar, Composite Grey, and Composite Sand.

Composite Painted Head Screw Hardwood Brown

Hardwood Brown

Composite Painted Head Screw Rosy Brown

Rosy Brown

Composite Painted Head Screw Cedar


Composite Painted Head Screw Composite Grey

Composite Grey

Composite Painted Head Screw Composite Sand

Composite Sand

Composite Screw Installation
Composite Screw Feature Diagram

Available Quantities

DeckWise® Composite Screw may be purchased in multiple quantity and color options.

Composite Painted Head Screw Bins
Quantity #10x212
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High Performance Composite Screws

Our effective thread design paired with the advanced auger point allow these screws to perform just the way you want; a fast, clean driving screw that will hold composite boards securely to the joist below.

Manufactured with a T20 star head, our Composite Screws feature reverse threads located directly below the head in order to eliminate the unwanted "mushrooming" produced by the composite decking during installation. The dual thread design further down the shank acts by compressing dust and effectively holding the deck board and joist tight to each other. With no need to pre-drill or countersink, these Composite Screws make deck installations a breeze.

If you want to find out more about DeckWise® Composite Screws please contact us online or feel free to give us a call directly 941-896-9851.

Composite Painted Head Screws