Hardwood Decking Restoration Kit

Complete Hardwood Deck Maintenance Kit

Restore the Natural Wood Color of Your Decking

DeckWise® Hardwood Deck Maintenance Kit box

Exotic hardwoods are different than other type wood, and in this case, they shouldn't be treated like any other type of wood when restoring them.

Everybody knows the appearance of a newly oiled or reconditioned hardwood deck is incredibly hard to top when it comes to a smooth & flawless deck surface. Let’s be realistic here, why spend big bucks on exotic hardwood decking such as Ipe, Tigerwood, Massaranduba or Cumaru, just to let it become grey and dirty?

The complete Hardwood Deck Restoration Kit by DeckWise® is a specially put together one-stop kit that contains everything needed to preserve the natural wood coloring of premium exotic hardwood decking. Perfect for contractors and DIY homeowners, this kit was designed specifically for Ipe deck maintenance, as well as maintaining other exotic decks that require special care.

If that's not enough already, we hand selected quality kit components that include a paint tray, roller and brush, a 2" trim brush, stirring sticks, heavy duty wipe rags and even a can opener for a true one-stop complete kit.

21 Piece Complete Kit!

DeckWise® Hardwood Deck Maintenance Kit tray & components
Components Quantity
Ipe Oil® Hardwood Finish 1 Gallon
DeckWise® Deck & Wood Cleaner (Part 1) 16 oz.
DeckWise® Deck & Wood Brightener (Part 2) 16 oz.
Merit Pro 9" (22,9cm) Bright Metal Paint Tray 1
Merit Pro 9" (22,9cm) 5 Wire Roller Frame with Black Handle 1
Merit Pro 9" (22,9cm) X 3/8" (9,5mm) Woven Roller Cover 1
Merit Pro 2" (5,08cm) Painter's Beavertail Handle Varnish Brush 1
Merit Pro Paint Can Opener 1
American Paint Paddle 12" (30,5cm) 3
Scott White Pro Rags 10

Ideal For The DIY Homeowner

Are you sick and tired of setting out to complete a home project only to find yourself frustrated because you were unable to find EVERYTHING you needed? Making additional trips to the nearest lumber yard or supply store to pick up additional items can become very time consuming.

This kit is a necessity for the Homeowner who values quality craftsmanship; rich brown wood; and an extravagant wood finish. This is a superb hardwood oil kit jam-packed with all you need to renew and refurbish any natural hardwood decking finish.

We have exclusively created this hardwood renewal kit to have all of the essentials and convenience necessary for a no fuss DIY project. No need to question what hardwood finish to use, we provide a full gallon of Ipe Oil®, which is a trusted name brand in the hardwood decking market.

Using toxic chemicals to clean your hardwood decking prior to refinishing is not a requirement. DeckWise® cleaner and brightener are both non-caustic & biodegradable. Rest assured knowing you will have the proper tools required for the complete job, in addition to application guidelines and appropriate waste disposal instructions.

Repeated Contractor Business

Exotic hardwoods are often recognized for their unique and elegant appearance, but they also have an extended lifetime that can allow decking to last up to 75 years if taken care of. Experienced contractors realize this and oftentimes use it as a key selling point to their clients.

With this, we are offering contractors a great opportunity to generate repeat business by providing their clients with a simple solution to keep their hardwood decks looking clean and pristine as if they were just installed.

Hardwood decking that has been freshly oiled appears deep, wet, and has a unique appeal that has pulled in a group of hardwood fanatic homeowners for many years. Now contractors can easily have the same convenient access to all of the factors necessary for recurring business and servicing previous clients on a normal basis. The truth is, exotic hardwoods will get dirty and weather like any other wood deck. So why allow that to happen to your clientele who place their trust and confidence in your craftsmanship and business?

Get Your Complete Restoration Kit!

Hardwood renewal 21 piece complete restoration kit

When selecting a hardwood decking renewal kit, keep in mind that, just like stains and oils, product quality varies throughout the marketplace.

Hardwood surface restoration kits sold by many companies are often un-tested and contain cheap and mediocre quality components. At DeckWise®, our professional staff and technicians are there to test to ensure a high quality product, as well offer professional installation advice and technical support.

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How It Works

To begin, we start off by first cleaning the surface of your hardwood deck. After cleaning, we then brighten then deck, which helps bring the natural oils of exotic hardwoods back up to their surface. DeckWise® Wood Cleaner Part 1 and Brightener Part 2 solutions are eco-friendly and much less hazardous than bleach or other harsh detergents . Restoring the natural color of your hardwood deck has never been so quick and simple!

After prepping the decks surface by cleaning and brightening, we are ready to apply Ipe Oil®. Our complete Hardwood Deck Maintenance Kit truly simplifies the process of restoring the natural color of exotic hardwoods. Ipe Oil® is known globally as one of the highest quality hardwood finishes available on the market. Great for almost any hardwood application, it will revive the natural hardwood color of your deck, railings, stairs and anything in between. Just use the Ipe Oil® as advised with the supplied paint roller and wipe off the excess oil as you go. Simply stunning!

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