#8 Trim Head Colormatch Deck Screws

Painted Head Stainless Steel Deck Screws

Are you building a deck with face screws? Achieve a blemish free look with DeckWise® ColorMatch Screws. With many color options available, you can face screw into Ipe, Cumaru, and composite decking with ease.

DeckWise® ColorMatch Screws have so many advantages over standard deck screws such as:

  • Multi colored Heads that blend into decking
  • Auger Head design for a tighter surface fit
  • Star recess for easier install
  • Corrosion resistance for a long life
  • Grade 305 Stainless Steel for strength

Make face screwing into hardwood a breeze with DeckWise® ColorMatch Screws.

Installing Ipe Clip® with Trim-Head screw

Hardwood Brown

Hardwood Brown Trim-Head deck screw - 1.5 in

Shadowline Black

Shadowline Black Trim-Head deck screw - 1.5 in

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Trim-Head deck screw - 2 in


Cedar Trim-Head deck screw - 2 in

Rosy Brown

Rosy Brown Trim-Head deck screw - 2.5 in

Outdoor Grey

Outdoor Grey Trim-Head deck screw - 3.125 in

Quantities Available

DeckWise® Colormatch #8 Trim-Head Screws are available in mulitple length, color, and quantity options.

#8 Trim-Head screw containers
Quantity #8x1” #8x112 #8x2” #8x212 #8x318
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